Team Divina With Beauty Dance Team.


“Hello my name Mookie Ullzanna All the way from the 513 making a difference in our children lives each one of these children are straight honers well behaved and positive children who choose to say yes I want to be all I can be Please give a clap for Team Winning. We are starting from the bottom and you will see us there!

” Who told you that i dont do this!

” Hey you! yeah you yeah you a human being so act like one and get on what I am doing or maybe even better. To be honest with you I want all walks of life to report there ass too me urgently! Gays, Sluts, Trappers, Bums, Teachers, C.I.A agents, Tierd ass baby mamas, White Women who love Black cocks, Positive people who shit don’t stank, Bad girl club, Barbie bitches, Snitches I have nothing for your snitching ass to tell! Broke niggas who hate there child hood friend, Junkies, Gold diggers, happy- ; ( why you mad, Good men, Godly people I am not a perfect person but I would love if you could support me at im sorry but I can not rest until I complete my mission and besides you might just like what I have to say.

” How can i love?

” How can I love you when you showed me the truth? Yes you slept on me because I loved you too much. I can’t blame you it’s a shame that since you can’t love me better I have to hold back on what I really feel, Can I ask you a question? Is it truly worth having a image to keep then loving me? If so no no no you not wrong for what you feel don’t you fight what was ment to be. See I will lead I’m not aware of who will be in mylife forever but one thing I know is that I’m Queen and if I must fall inlove you must be King.